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SHUKRAN LOGISTICS SERVICES is a company dedicated to providing exceptional logistics solutions to its clients. With a presence in both India and UAE, the company has a highly interconnected and efficient agency network that handles cargo to and from all corners of the world.

Led by experienced industry experts who have been in the field of logistics for over 20 years, SHUKRAN LOGISTICS SERVICES is a company driven by passion and a commitment to excellence. The team is comprised of highly dedicated employees who strive to deliver the best possible service to their clients.

What sets SHUKRAN LOGISTICS SERVICES apart is the company’s efficient and highly personalized approach to logistics. Whether it’s offering competitive rates or handling shipments with the utmost care, SHUKRAN LOGISTICS SERVICES is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of its clients.

With a wide range of services and custom solutions, SHUKRAN LOGISTICS SERVICES is equipped to handle all types of logistics requirements. The company guarantees fast and secure management of cargo, providing complete control and up-to-date information on all movements.

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Logistics Personalized To operate in a zone providing personalized logistic experience to our clients along delivering the cargo in a competitive, timely and required manner irrespective of their size by transforming the way logistic services is delivered.

Our Mission

To create, nurture & sustain an integrated network of customers, suppliers and logistic providers globally to anticipate and satisfy our customer needs. We strive to be an organization where it will be a win-win for all over stake holders in their scope and scale in dealing with our organization.

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